Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In a Black Hole

I tend not to believe in fate, destiny, in the movement of the planets and whether they have some cosmic impact in our daily lives.  I like to think we have free will, that we can willingly and consciously choose to act or not, to speak or not, to assume responsibility for the path we walk.

And then there are times like these, when every project I begin is ripped out of my hands and flung into the abyss.  When odd asteroid-problems hurdle out of the blackness and take a chunk out of my reality.  When all attempts at communication are nothing more than pathetic soundwaves that cannot escape the gravity void and are pulled into eternal silence.

Are the galactic energies working against me right now?  Is there such a thing as a supernatural power or powers that can control us?  Do they always control us, and only occasionally, when our mortal whims happen to coincide with the overarching plan, do we start to believe, falsely and with supreme illusion, that we have any say in our lives?

I sit on the edge of the black hole and wonder.  It feels like all I can do for now.


harry somersby said...

Stumbled across your blog...Very well written. I hope you are a writer, if not you should be. I feel that way as well sometimes. Especially with kids. Hang in there, the cosmos will shift again!

Elena Margo Gould said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment, Harry. I do consider myself a writer... though one who needs lots of practice!